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About MyTradingCollege

MyTradingCollege is your one-stop solution for boosting your CFD-trading skills that are essential to your success. Launched in 2020, MyTradingCollege, is one of the world’s leading sites for personalized educational courses that will take your trading to the next level.

Our dedicated team has collaborated with industry experts to create easy-to-follow, affordable and adapted-to-your-needs courses on the exciting, yet risky, world of trading. Each and every single one of our authors has the credibility, expertise, skills and experience to help you unleash your full potential.

MyTradingCollege has only one goal — to educate as many people as possible by offering the best made-to-order educational courses available. By doing so we can help traders minimise their risk and maximise their potential. In other words, transform anyone from novice to pro by arming them with the right tools to succeed in their trading journey. Are you ready to start yours?